Music is food for the soul…

Music has always been my greatest passion, whether that be playing, performing or composing… but now more than ever it has proved to be a great source of strength for this rather unexpected journey that I’ve found myself on this year. It has allowed me to escape reality at times and provided a platform to express my emotions – this is the gift that music has given me.

Anyone that knows me will say I dabble in a bit of singing, guitar and percussion! But my first love will always be the piano. I am a pianist at heart and love to write music that combines diverse sounds and styles. I grew up learning both Western & Eastern classical music and pleased to say I still love writing both styles of music! If only you could have a look at my spotify play list… hang on YOU CAN! Check out my playlist called Walk with Sam on Spotify and you’ll see that my music palette is rather varied! You go from ARRahman to Amazing Grace via Stormzy!!

I have been fortunate enough to perform alongside incredible artists and at impressive venues but my proudest achievement on this musical journey is having the honour of couples using my songs in their wedding as part of their most special moments! It’s truly a special feeling to have a couple use your song as their first dance!

My music blogs are going to be combination of talking about projects I’m working on and music/artists that inspire me. If you would like to listen to my music simply search Sam Suri on Spotify or click on the handy Spotify icon at the very top of this blog which will take you straight there! Do let me know what you think – good, bad or ugly!

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