God has a plan for me…

When your world gets rocked I appreciate that everyone has a different way of coping – some people will completely lose faith, some will go searching for it but ultimately people find hope in anything that gives them just that. This is not meant to be preachy but just an honest insight into where my heart is and where I find my hope.

I was born and brought up in a loving Christian home, dedicated in church as a baby and voluntarily took adult baptism when I was 16 years old. Although looking back on it, my baptism was probably more out of a sense of duty rather than my closeness with God… Let me be very clear about something, I have always believed in God and I have always loved God but hand on heart, I have treated my faith like a menu card – I pick and choose what I want, when I want. I conveniently forget things which I know are right and wrong in my heart when it doesn’t suit me and I always think I’ll have time to make things right with God. I’m fired up on a Sunday when I come out of church and carry that through to Monday and possibly Tuesday but come Thursday, Friday and Saturday it’s easier to leave God at home and live by the world’s rules – Sam the convenient christian! Wow… that wasn’t easy to admit!

Tuesday 4th February changed all that. My faith went from part time to full time over night! I would be lying if I said I’m not scared – scared about what could be, scared about how much time I have but in my weakness He is strong. He takes away my fear and replaces it with a peace that He’s got me… not just me but he’s got my whole family – “death has no hold on me cause your grace holds me now” lyrics by one of my favourite songs by Hillsong.

I guess when time feels like a precious commodity you’re left with a choice… How am I going to use this time? Worrying and wasting my energy on things I can’t change…or focus on what’s important, being happy and how I actually want to live. I want to spend each day serving a much greater purpose whilst being the best husband/dad/son/uncle etc. I’m laying all my problems and fears at the feet of God and I’m getting on with spending time with my family, friends and spreading positivity to those around me. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t worked it all out, but i’m trusting the big guy to guide me – whether that’s just giving my time to people, writing more music, supporting families practically or through prayer…I can and I will do more. There is a song that I listen to every single day in my good moments and bad moments by Elevation Worship called My Testimony and these words ring in my head “If I’m not dead, you’re not done – greater things are still to come, Oh I believe”, Amen.

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  1. Sam would you like to join a group that worships and prays for an hour Mon to Sat at 11 am? You will experience the presence of God and healing.
    It is on Zoom. You can attend whenever you like. If you are interested email me and I will give you the number. Praying total healing for you Sam in Jesus name


    1. Hi Anna, this is an incredible piece. It brings back a lot my own memory with my own cancer diagnoses. I was told I had days to live initially then a few weeks and now I’ve been nearly 4 years clear and my only answer to that every time is God – He bought me back from death because he must have a greater plan for me. This is what I believe for you aswell. I pray for you everyday and I wish you all the best in this difficult battle. God helped me through mine every single step of the way and I know he will help you through yours too. Lots and lots of love and prayers, Vithiya


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