About me

Thank you for taking this walk with me – my name is Sam, I am 34 years old, born in London, originally from Sri Lanka. I am a proud husband to my beautiful wife Sindhu who is a doctor and a privileged father to two beautiful daughters, Avaana 5 & Arya 3 (as at April 2020). I love God, I love being a dad, I love writing music and I’m now in for the fight of my life (literally!) – my world got turned upside down in February 2020 when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour but I’ve dusted myself off, I’m praying hard and now I just want to make a meaningful difference in whatever way I can.

If you do like my posts or know someone that may find something on here useful, please share it and drop me a message, would love to get some feedback.

What is this blog about

Confession – I’ve never blogged before! So my apologies if there are things that are not quite coherent! There are 3 key reasons for this blog:

  • An outlet for me to express myself
  • A way of supporting, inspiring and connecting with people going through their own personal battles
  • A diary and a point of reference for my daughters so that one day they can know and understand more about this journey

Any questions, comments or suggestions?

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