World Mental Health Day 2020: Dare to Dream…

Dare to Dream I dare to keep living I dare to keep singing I dare to say I'm already healed I dare to say my story is just being revealed I dare to say I'm stronger than before I dare to say my illness is no more I dare to be a testimony I dare to be God's glory I dare to be a symbol of hope I dare to help others cope I dare to never stop fighting I dare to never stop shining I dare to keep being better I dare to never be a quitter I dare to walk both my girls down the aisle I dare to hold my first & last grandchild I dare to always keep believing I dare to always keep dreaming

35 and ALIVE!

35 & ALIVE - it's not what I thought would be an achievement for my birthday, but I have to say that it is the best gift I could've asked for! I'm here, I have the love and support of an incredible family and beautiful friends. Life is GOOD πŸ™‚

Changing seasons…

I see seasons like one's circumstances - the things that are in front of you, the challenges you face, the positive things you embrace, the people in your life... in some way, shape or form, you could consider everything as a season.

Refuse to lose… 5 months on

I'm conflicted because my unwelcome friend is a blessing and a curse - of course I would much rather not have it in my head but it brought me to a crossroads in my life that resurrected the fighter in me to go and achieve the things I want, to control what I can, to use the talents I have, to pursue my passions, to work towards my dreams, to basically be the best version of me that I can be.

Rebuilding yourself

It's been 4 months now but in many ways I feel like I'm having to rebuild myself every day still. Getting up in the morning knowing that you've got this "thing" in your head is not easy. Sometimes I look in the mirror and that's all I see

Learning to stand again…

Just to be clear - that initial feeling of doom & gloom is completely natural and acceptable, your world just got shaken so much that it's literally going to change everything from here on in - every relationship, every choice, every feeling...I think you get the picture, everything!

The Day My World Changed

Just to give you some basic background information, I am 34, was born, lived, studied and worked in London all my life. On Tuesday 4th Feb 2020 (a day which I have now renamed as my "Rebirth"!), I left work early to get myself home as I wasn't quite feeling myself - upon reflection, I hadn't really been feeling myself for a couple of days but I had put it down to the fact that maybe I was just a little run down.

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