Learning to stand again…

Just to be clear - that initial feeling of doom & gloom is completely natural and acceptable, your world just got shaken so much that it's literally going to change everything from here on in - every relationship, every choice, every feeling...I think you get the picture, everything!

The Day My World Changed

Just to give you some basic background information, I am 34, was born, lived, studied and worked in London all my life. On Tuesday 4th Feb 2020 (a day which I have now renamed as my "Rebirth"!), I left work early to get myself home as I wasn't quite feeling myself - upon reflection, I hadn't really been feeling myself for a couple of days but I had put it down to the fact that maybe I was just a little run down.

Music is food for the soul…

Music has always been my greatest passion but now more than ever it has proved to be a great source of strength for the new journey that i'm on - it has allowed me to escape reality at times but also given me a platform to express my emotions.

God has a plan for me…

I was born and brought up in a loving Christian home, I was Dedicated (dedication) as a child and voluntarily took adult Baptism (Baptism) when I was 16 years old although looking back on it, probably more out of a sense of duty rather than my closeness with God - let me be very clear about something, I have always believed in God and I have always loved God

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