A tribute to my inspirational brain tumour warriors 🙏🏾

So as we come to the end of March 2023 and the end of brain tumour awareness month, I just wanted to pay tribute to some of the amazing people I’ve met or been inspired by on this brain tumour journey. It’s been quite hard to write this post because you suddenly realise your own mortality and that scares me, as much as I say it doesn’t, it does. 

I’ve met too many people under the age of 40 who have passed away within months of their diagnosis. There are so many stories I could share, kids, adults, each one uniquely different but equally painful. Here are just a few of people that I would personally like to pay respect to:

  • Brad: I knew Brad as a friend for such a short period of time – but I don’t think anyone impacted me over a coffee quite as much! Just a really nice guy – someone you would want as your friend. He was a new dad and he loved keeping fit, we meet through F45 (HIIT training fitness franchise). He was the first person that ever spoke to me about changing your diet and ‘starving’ cancer. He really inspired me to look at all the different options and ways I can help myself with this tumour and to not give up no matter the obstacle. We only knew each other for such a short amount of time but the conversations we shared will always stay with me 😊
  • Amani: I worked with Amani on an advert for Brain Tumour Research and that’s how I got to find out more about the incredible work she has been doing – what an inspiring young woman, and I really emphasise young – she was 22 years old, finished her undergraduate and ready for her masters, but she didn’t close herself away, she took it all on. She inspired me not to feel sorry for myself but to just keep living and keep making a difference! I was really humbled to meet Amani’s parents recently – they are continuing all the amazing work she started. They had nothing but positive messages and love to give 😊
  • Tom: I didn’t know Tom Parker personally but during Christmas 2021 we were both filming with BBC at the Riverside studios in Hammersmith- serendipitous perhaps? Tom was such a well known public figure and had been so open about his journey. He didn’t know me but I felt I could really relate to his story. He was a married, young father of 2, in his thirties and a musician. I just really admired his honesty and how he lived his life to the fullest right up till the end – he was touring with his band just before he sadly passed away. Your family and your friends have not let your memory fade 😊
  • Ben: When I first started collaborating with the charity Brain Tumour Research, they shared my story along with another guy called Ben. I don’t know why, but when I read about Ben I just felt like I needed to get in contact with him, so I asked the charity to pass on my details, not really expecting anything back… within about an hour Ben messaged me! And we have been friends since – he lived in Sheffield, we’ve never met, but he was my friend. Ben was given months to live with the most aggressive form of a brain tumour but he fought it so hard and outlived every deadline he was given. Sadly at the start of 2023 he called time – he would be the first to send me messages of encouragement, I miss that. Rest peacefully my friend 😊

I just wanted to sign off with a message to all my brain tumour family and friends:

Dear Brad, Amani, Tom, Ben, Mohsin, Saima, Gorgeous George, Kylie, Fran, Harry, Graham, Jasmine, Ravi, Nicola and all my other brain tumour warriors, 

They don’t give medals for being selfless heroes, but in my eyes you’re all more than that. Knowingly or unknowingly you have each inspired me and I thank you. I’m hoping I can take that inspiration and encourage anyone that needs a helping hand. We’ve started a fire and we will continue to burn bright.

Till we meet again


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