24 Hour Kickathon 2022: £20k raised, 160+ participants and an immeasurable amount of love and support 🙏🏾

It’s taken me nearly 4 months to write this blog properly! Partly because donations still keep coming in but honestly speaking, I’m still pretty blown away and haven’t gotten over the high from that incredible event! 

This blog is to highlight the beautiful qualities of humans and what we are capable of when we selflessly unite together for a purpose. I have got to say, that is what still gets me now – everyone came together with genuine love and humility, it didn’t matter your age, ability, gender… just grab a t-shirt and play! Everyone was so gracious that they even let me score the first goal of the event (it was a banger 😏). 

To put it into perspective, we had players who knew nobody, we had players who said they’ll pop in and do 1 hour but ended up staying for 4 hours, we had people doing an afternoon session, putting their kids to sleep and coming back at 1am to go again… we had some people turn up at 4am after a big night out! We played every genre of music known to mankind… we were kindly donated tonnes of food and drink… we had changing rooms, we had showers, we had airbeds… we had everything and more!

In summary:

  • We aimed to raise £5k and we ended up raising £20k+ It is just mind blowing to write that number down 🙏🏾 (probably not the right phrase to use but meh!) 
  • We had about 130 participants registered to play initially… but in the end  over 160 people played at various points throughout the 24 hours
  • Our kickathon featured on ITV evening news that day!! And BBC radio London spoke to me before and after the event to help raise awareness for brain tumour research. 
  • We had some incredible sponsors who helped support us.  Thank you again Copper Ceylon, Kings Gym, Vijay Events, Waitrose, Morrisons and Ruby’s Caterers.
  • And last but by no means least – Sutton High School, what a brilliant and beautiful school. In particular Miss Musgrove (Head of the junior school) who pushed for this entire event to happen. She has literally been an inspiration to me personally and no words could express how eternally grateful we are for your encouragement, support and kindness. 

I could go on for pages and pages about what a great day it was – but I just want to simply finish with this…Thank you. It is impossible to ever describe how much the time and money you all put in means to me and my family. Your support gives me hope that someone is going to find something that helps all us tumour and cancer patients live brilliant lives – so THANK YOU for your love and kindness.

It’s all getting a bit emotional! 24 Hour Kickathon 2022 done! Who’s ready for the next one? 😜

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